Feminine Enrichment

regular cycles

Menses is a good barometer of your health and the regular 28-day menstrual cycle is possible using natural herbs and acupuncture.

pain and distraction free

Naturally attain a calm and pain-free three-day flow.

Treat the imbalance

A complete evaluation of the symptoms will determine the right treatment of the involved organs and get you rebalanced and feeling revitalized.


Using a holistic approach, Urban Samurai looks at the different characteristics for clues to find and remove blockages that prevent pregnancy.


Rebalancing as the body matures is key to minimizing the effects and keeping your vitality.



Feminine Enrichment:

Fertility: “Elevate your expectations of what to expect from a pregnancy perspective”
In OM, the menses is seen as a barometer of health. A regular menstrual cycle is meant to be a 28 days plus or minus a day, with a painless 3 day flow. If this doesn’t describe YOUR cycle, we evaluate the weeks before and after the imbalance to determine the organ or organs involved in the imbalance. Menopause and fertility both “work” from this premise in OM. Symptoms are clues through the month, when understood can help to get the cycle back into balance.

Center Your Self