Facial regeneration

Practicing the ancient art of cosmetic acupuncture, Urban Samurai uses the latest techniques and technology.


1. Better collagen production helping to fill wrinkles and improve muscle tone

2. Tightens pores to reduce sagging for a younger look

3. Increases blood and lymph circulation for better facial color



What is Different about Japanese style and why patients have success with this style?

Acupuncture techniques vary according to each practitioner. We are the stylists of the health service industry. Not every acupuncturist is going to do the same treatment or employ the same techniques.

We use a combination of acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping and electro-acupuncture to attain results.

What sets us apart is the attention to the individual. Patients are treated as a whole with interconnected parts. By treating the whole body, we are aiming for whole body balancing. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Practitioners are highly trained, taking seminars are training year round. Many
acupuncturists do not retire - it gets better and better the longer a practitioner practices.


Center Your Self







1. Reverse the Pain

1. Love, laugh, sleep, and move

1. Optimism

1. Live pain free

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1. Balance

2. Handle stress

3. Find harmony

4. Let in the calm

5. Reach tranquility

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energy boost

1. Clean vitality

2. Recharge your batteries

3. Be involved


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Feminine Enrichment

1. Regular cycles

2. Pain and distraction free

3. Treat the imbalance

4. Fertility

5. Menopause

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