Moxabustion: Therapeutically encourages and strengthens the body

Moxabustion is the use of mugwort in therapeutic ways to nourish and strengthen the body.  Urban Samurai uses the highest-grade punk (mugwort) called Kamiya Premium Gold found in Japan.  This moxa, is used in various techniques to alleviate pain, improve healing, and shrink tumours. Research on moxabustion, as well as thousands of years of practice, demonstrate its positive impact on circulation and certain gynecological conditions such as post-partum hemorrhaging.   It has also been show to improve blood quality. Urban Samurai TCMD’s have master training on how to appropriately apply Moxabustion techniques.

Cupping: Removes toxins and allows nourishing

Cupping is an ancient practice that improves blood flow to help your body heal.  It involves the strategic placement of glass suction cups to diagnose, detoxify, and unblock muscles and joints for healthy results.  When joints become stiff and immobile, blood needs to flow to remove toxins and to allow nourishing blood into these areas.  Urban Samurai cupping techniques increase movement in your muscles and joints, improving mobility and reducing pain.

Electro-Acupuncture: Combining craftsmanship and science

Electro-Acupuncture blends the old with the new for amazing results. Urban Samurai follows the best protocols and techniques recommended by the Japanese Society for Electrotherapeutic. Research recommends the best protocols and techniques that Urban Samurai follows. The combination of craftsmanship and science are used for strengthening and pain management treatments.

Seishokushin: Effective surface acu-pressure

Seishokushin is an acupuncture technique in which the devices are rounded so they stay on top of the skin. It is a non-invasive acupuncture technique to help move energy stagnation.  For example, when someone has hot arms and cold legs, which is an unhealthy state, this massage technique manipulates the meridians to improve balance and circulation.

Children under 8, including babies are treated in this manner, sometimes also with herbal medicine.



Feel revitalized

Each session at Urban Samurai is professionally tailored to meet your needs.


Experience the characteristic treatment approaches of both Christa and David, both skilled experts.

The inner balance brings a energized calm that makes you feel revitalized.








Successful treatment of


  • ▪ STRESS
  • ▪ iNSOMNIA
  • ▪ mIGRAINE
  • ▪ tmj
      • ▪ PEDIATRIC NON-INSERTION ACUPUNCTURE (we don't needle little ones. we can help them though!)
  • ▪ Snoring cessation
  • ▪ Cleanse and detox protocols
  • ▪ Oriental medicine
  • ▪ Facial Rejuvenation (Lifting and Toning, Wrinkle Reduction, Bring energy and circulation to stressed areas)
  • ▪ Adrenal Fatigue
  • ▪ Adrenal burnout
  • ▪ fibromyalgia

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